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In the State of Florida, the Florida homestead exemption is a tax break that is offered to primary residence owners. The tax break is based on your home's assessed value and provides exemptions within a certain value limit. 

How much you can save? Every home is different, but a homestead exemption in Florida can exempt up to $50,000 of your assessed value from tax liability. 


  1. You live in the property, making it your permanent residence
  2. You are the property owner.
  3. You must have lived at the property on Jan 1 of the tax year in question. (for instance, you want to claim homestead exemption on your property taxes for 2023, then you must have lived at the property on Jan 1, 2023)
  4. The property cannot be rented for any 30 days in any given calendar year. 

What you need to apply: 

  1. A Florida Driver Lincense or State ID
  2. A Florida Vehicle Registration
  3. A Florida Voter's ID
  4. Proof of utilities at the homestead address
  5. Proof of property ownership 
  6. and more depending each county request. 

If you move within Florida you can not transfer your Homestead Exemption, however, you can apply for "portability" which means that you can transfer some or all of the assessment difference. This lowers the assessed value of the homestead. You can use this form  https://floridarevenue.com/property/Documents/dr501t.pdf to start the process of "portability".

Links for Homestead Exemption per County

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