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August 2017

Let me start with my previous experience.  We listed our home in November of 2016, after six months there were no offers.  The listing agent only offered multiple excuses of why the home did not sell.

Located in a very desirable area of Miami, between Coral Gables, the Grove, The Roads, Metro station within walking distance, I-95 only minutes away; making a commute to any area of the city a short drive.

We remodeled the home which included a unique second floor bedroom with balcony and open bathroom concept, a modern tub and shower, there was a wine cellar, an outdoor lighted area with plenty of room to entertain.

When the listing expired, we still wanted to sell.  But after hearing so much negative feedback from the listing agent we thought maybe our home did not have a market.

We contacted three agents and set up interviews.  Karina Furlin was the only agent that came to the table and pointed out that the previous listing had an error on the living square feet.  She also came prepared with a presentation of how she would market the house and had done her research of our home and the area.

Well, the rest is history since the house sold in two months. We received a cash offer the day the house went on the market.  Although, we were not satisfied with the offer and it failed to materialize a sale there was soon another offer on the house.  In the process of reviewing the offer, we received another offer which had an incredible possibility of turning into a done deal.

Throughout the process, Karina kept us informed and held an open house every weekend to expose the house.  She printed fliers and mailed them out.  She took pictures of the house which highlighted the unique aspects of the house.  She marketed the house endlessly without resting and each week was a new tactic to further expose the house on the market.

After it went into contract, she did not cut the communication.  At each point, she communicate, advice us, and kept us informed until the ink was dry on the selling documents.  I was not sure this house would sell but she said it would and delivered on her promise.  I will continue to use Karina as she has proven herself as a professional with high morals and integrity.

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